Ravenous (1999)★★★★☆


This movie kept popping up on Netflix so I figured I’d finally watch it. The cast was definitely appealing – Guy Pearce, Jeffrey Jones, and Robert Carlyle? Yes please!

I’ll admit that for most of this movie, I had no idea where it was going. Normally that wouldn’t be a great thing, but this movie really pulled it off. The story was interesting, and the suspense just kept building and building until it started to get really, really creepy. And then it kept going…

And the background music was just perfect. The chase scene music? Amazing. And the suspenseful scenes were just so well punctuated. Once the action got started, it really got started and I found myself literally at the edge of my seat.

It did kind of lose itself towards the end. It was still reasonably climactic, and the ending was fitting, but I can’t help but feeling they could have done better. I’m not sure how I would have improved it, though. Definitely not by changing the music…that’s probably the best part about the movie.

Actually, I just looked this up and it turns out Damon Albarn did the music for this movie! Yes, that Damon Albarn, of Blur fame. I guess that explains it. Oh yeah, and the guy who scored Gattaca and The Piano. He’s also listed in the music department for this movie. But Damon Albarn!