Cam2Cam (2014)★★★☆☆


I’ve been on a streak of above-average movies lately because I got a new job (yay!) which has left me a bit sleepy at the end of the day (boo!) and unwilling to put up with less-than-stellar movies. But it’s my second week now, so I’ve started getting used to the new schedule and can start watching and reviewing terrible movies again.

Just not tonight. Cam2Cam isn’t a 4 out of 5, but it’s not terrible. The acting is great, the story interesting, and the scenery (in Bangkok) beautiful. Plus the main character’s name is Allie.

I really liked the opening sequence of this film, though I would have chosen a different font for the credits. The music choice for the opening is great, and the cinematography really breathtaking. It makes me nostalgic for the film Brokedown Palace, actually, which isn’t a bad thing.

But the pacing is a bit off. The movie starts out strong, but there’s a lot of dragging throughout the middle of the film. And then it picks up again but feels a bit hectic or frantic or just erratic towards the end.

Also, I know I’ve said this before (multiple times, probably) but it’s annoying when a movie relies on its characters making really idiotic choices to move the plot forward. Come on…clicking a link from someone you don’t know just because it has a smiley face with a wizard hat? Security starts with you, silly characters!

Anyway, this is a pretty decent thrill ride of a film that shouldn’t haunt your dreams for too long.