Jennifer’s Body (2009)

This is a silly movie, and I like it. It’s the first thing I ever saw Megan Fox in, which is probably why I like her so much. Amanda Seyfried is great in this, and there are even cameos by J.K. Simmons and Chris Pratt!

Sure, it’s not the scariest of movies. I’m not sure Diablo Cody knows how to write real horror, but she does know how to write teen drama. So this is another film that ends up more like a primetime teen drama and less like a really good scary story.

Oh, but Adam Brody is perfect as the total jerk of a lead singer for the indie band Low Shoulder. And despite the fact that their hit single “Through the Trees” is terrible, the rest of the movie’s soundtrack is pretty good.

I could have done without the opening sequence though. I’ve said it before — I don’t like it when movies throw some arbitrary scene from late in the plot into the opening sequence to evoke suspense early on. In this case, it didn’t really make sense. The movie could have started at the flashback (you know, not as a flashback) and it would have been better.

Also, the pacing gets a little weird towards the end. But all that aside, this is a fun one, if a little on the gory side. Also, make sure you watch through the credits. Some of the best scenes are there.

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