Cell (2016)★★☆☆☆


Wow. Just…wow. This movie was a disappointment. It’s based on a Stephen King novel I have read – and one I quite liked, at that. But I did not like this movie.

It was boring, it lacked emotion, and it was a poorly paced adaptation of the story. It feels strange to me to rate anything with such a great cast lower than three out of five, but I couldn’t bring myself to go past two out of five for this one.

I wanted to like it. It has John Cusack (one of my favorite actors) and Samuel L. Jackson, a pair who appeared in another Stephen King adaptation I liked much more than this one. It has Isabelle Fuhrman who was fantastic in Orphan. And none of them were particularly terrible in this, either. But there was no group chemistry and there was no character development, so I was bored and I didn’t care about any of the characters.

Also, the music. There were several times when I was looking away from the screen and the music would suddenly build up and evoke this feeling of suspense and apprehension, so I’d look at the television and nothing. Like, one time I looked up and it was just that stupid truck driving through the night.

I’m sad about this one. I was so excited for this adaptation and it just didn’t deliver at all.