Come Back to Me (2014)

I have to admit, I think part of the reason I rated this at four out of five is because I was surprised at how interesting I found it. It’s based off of a book, and if the adaptation is true to the story at all I think I want to read this book.

The movie is far from perfect — not everyone in the cast is a great actor, and the background music gets a bit cloying at times. At many times.

But it’s an intriguing plot and it’s paced so well that I can forgive those faults and just enjoy the anticipation. Aside from a few obvious moments (like when Leslie mentions that she’ll know who the father is when the baby comes out), I didn’t find the story very predictable.

Overall, this movie touches on sexual assault and has some graphic and disturbing moments, but if you’re not scared off by that you’ll probably enjoy this movie.

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