Deadgirl (2008)★★★★☆


This one is weird. And I know, I know, I like weird – and I do like this movie – but it’s still weird. And it takes on a subject that’s really easy to do poorly and offensively.

I’ll admit to not being easily offended, but I was impressed with how this movie handled itself. It manages to be funny and irreverent without being a parody of itself or too over-the-top offensive. It manages to have romance without turning too much into a love story.

Most of all, it manages to be scary and entertaining at the same time. And so well paced! It’s nice to not be constantly checking how much longer is left in the film.

I also appreciate how the context of this story is very limited and yet informative enough to make the story interesting. You learn nothing of the universe this takes place in, you barely get a backstory, but all the events that occur during the timeline of this movie are well explained and, well, just interesting.

This movie is weird, though, so I hesitate to recommend it too broadly. If you’ve got similar taste in movies to me, you’ll like this, I suppose.