Fright Night (1985)★★★☆☆


I’d never seen this movie before and went in without much in the way of expectations. Luckily that meant I wasn’t too let down when this turned out to be an unremarkably average attempt at horror/comedy.

Let’s just say that The Lost Boys did the same thing way better a couple years later. In fact, all three of those movies did the same thing better than this one.

No, let’s not just say that. The jokes don’t land, the dialogue is terribly unrealistic, and Chris Sarandon is not meant to be a leading man. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s over the top because the actors are really that terrible or because the parody is landing so poorly.

It does have a pretty rockin’ new wave ’80s soundtrack, though. And a decent recent (heh) remake that I have seen and that you’ll hear more about tomorrow.

And that is all I’ll say.