Frozen (2010)

This movie isn’t really a horror film, but it’s definitely a scary story. And since everything that happens in the film could technically happen in real life, it’s even more terrifying.

It’s interesting how a movie with essentially one location and three characters can be so engaging, but there wasn’t any point in the movie that dragged on or seemed unnecessary. The character development is impressive, though I suppose a movie like this would have to do that well. It definitely wouldn’t work if the characters weren’t sympathetic.

And they were definitely sympathetic. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been skiing (or snowboarding…or anything other than sledding down tiny hills in the suburbs) so the experience itself is foreign to me. But watching this film, I feel like I’m right there with the three of them, and I’m just as terrified as they are. There are no jump scares in this movie, but the anticipation and intrigue around what’s going to happen next will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Don’t let the lack of a big bad horror movie antagonist in this film deceive you — this is not an easy watch. There are some graphic scenes and some images that might haunt your dreams for a while, especially if you do ski regularly.

The background score to this film punctuates the tension remarkably well, and the acting is so believable I almost found myself crying when Emma Bell (as Parker) did. This is one “man versus nature” story I really enjoyed.

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