The Prophecy (1995)★★★☆☆


This was a weird movie. I kind of get where they were going with the story, but it didn’t quite land for me.

I think Christopher Walken is not so much terrifying as he is intimidating. He intimidated the crap out of me in this movie, but I was never really scared. Maybe it’s the accent. I just don’t buy that the archangel Gabriel would be Christopher Walken. Clearly it was my inability to suspend my disbelief for the movie that ruined it for me.

Also, Eric Stoltz! With long hair! And Virginia Madsen! With dark brown hair! And that guy who shot House (M.D.)! So yeah, the cast wasn’t too bad. Everyone was reasonably believable, though at times things felt a bit overdramatic. I don’t think the strings-heavy background music helped with that.

And the pacing was way off on this movie. It was just over an hour and a half long, but it felt like it kept dragging on and on and on. All in all, it’s a very mid-90’s movie with unrealistic special effects and a tl;dr vibe. I can’t believe there are so many sequels to it. Christopher Walken sells, I guess. Just not to me. Except in that one episode of Saturday Night Live. I liked that one.