I Spit on Your Grave (2010)★★★☆☆


This is another horror movie remake that tries to be far more disturbing than its predecessor. It succeeds, but only superficially.

There’s less character development here and somehow the antagonists are even less sympathetic than in the original. It’s immediately clear that they’re up to no good whereas the first didn’t give that impression right away.

Also, what was with the sheriff in this one? I don’t feel like it added anything to the story. Neither did the change to Matthew’s involvement in the whole thing, for that matter.

The acting isn’t as good in this one – less believable across the board. In the original, Jennifer’s fear and horror and pain were almost palpable. In this one, Jennifer is a little less sympathetic herself.

I don’t think that’s entirely Sarah Butler’s fault – the direction in this is odd at times and the background music a bit much. Sarah Butler is absolutely badass as Jennifer Hills, I just didn’t quite feel for her the same way I did for Camille Keaton in the original.

Anyway, this is a better remake than some of the others I’ve seen, but still isn’t great. It focuses too much on being graphic and disturbing and not enough on telling a story. Definitely stay away if you’re sensitive to rape scenes.