I Spit On Your Grave (1978)★★★★☆


I can see why this movie was controversial when it came out. Like The Last House on the Left, it shows a lot of graphic violence and rape. Unlike The Last House on the Left, this movie at least attempts to provide some character development to all sides.

While I certainly wouldn’t call the men sympathetic characters, I appreciated that this movie tried to be about more than just violence and rape.

(Spoilers ahead) Oh, and revenge. This movie is also about revenge. Also quite similar to The Last House on the Left – only in this one it’s the victim herself exacting revenge.

I don’t think the revenge here is meant to justify, glamorize, or excuse the violence and rape, though. I think it’s more about excusing the audience – if the victim gets out of this alive and gets her revenge, then you’re not a terrible person for watching the movie, right?

I think many of the more graphically violent movies do this – give you an out so you don’t have to admit you went to a theater (or turned on your home television) to watch someone get brutally beaten and raped.

I guess I appreciate that to some extent…but I have to admit I gave up trying to convince myself I’m perfect long ago, and since then it’s been nice admitting to being a terrible person every once in a while. For now I’ll just admit to finding this movie entertaining (though I wouldn’t say “enjoyable”).