Indigenous (2014)★★★☆☆


This movie was mostly okay. It was a monster movie through and through, which is kind of refreshing, but it wasn’t a great monster movie or anything. It was entertaining, though.

The only cast member I recognized was Lindsey McKeon, and I’ll admit I only recognized her by looks, not by name. But the acting wasn’t bad, and the characters were reasonably sympathetic. There were more scenes in Spanish than I was expecting, which isn’t a bad thing, but I found myself having to pay attention to the subtitles more than I had anticipated.

The monsters were pretty scary, too. Fast and smart is always scary. The pacing of the movie was a bit off, though. The end was decently climactic, but it felt slow building up to it. The scenery was beautiful. It makes me want to visit Panama, though probably not any forbidden jungles. Oh, and that’s another thing – everything bad that happens in this movie is because of a stupid decision the main characters make.

I did think the ending was a bit too Hollywood for my taste. It made me want to watch The Descent again, so you may be reading about that one soon. Overall, this one was just okay. Worth a watch if you like monster movies that take place in the jungle.