Re-Kill (2015)★★★☆☆


I have to give this one some credit for trying something relatively new. This was a zombie movie crossed with reality TV in a pretty silly way. It’s not an entirely bad effect, but it could have been better.

I’m not sure how I feel about the commercial breaks. I felt like the cigarette ads were in poor taste and the “Coalition to Re-populate America” ads were just boring. I don’t think the commercials added anything to the film. However, the brief info spots were well done – more of those and fewer of the commercials would have been ideal.

The acting was only okay, much like the movie itself. The zombies (sorry, they’re called “re-ans”) were fast and reasonably intelligent, which is pretty damn scary. But there wasn’t enough character development for me to really get attached to anyone, which meant I wasn’t invested for most of the film. And the pacing was a little slow.

There were a lot of cute little things that I found entertaining, like the emergency number post-outbreak being 912 instead of 911. Overall, this was reasonably entertaining and I wouldn’t mind watching it again. I’d even be interested in seeing more movies try this style out. It’s got promise, even if this movie wasn’t fantastic.