Insidious (2011)★★★★★


This movie is creepy as hell. I’ve seen it several times and each time it’s still creepy as hell. I’m sure it’s partly because of that creepy song, partly because of the perfectly placed jump scares, and mostly because that demon is one really scary demon.

I love Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson, and this was the first thing I saw Lin Shaye in that really stuck with me. And Ty Simpkins is great as Dalton.

I thought I’d have more to say about this one, but I think I’ll have to save that for its sequels. I will say that watching Saw yesterday got me on a Leigh Whannell kick – he wrote the screenplay for all three of the Insidious movies (and apparently has a fourth one in the works for next year) and they’re all pretty good.

Oh, and James Wan directed this. Since The Conjuring 2 is out, I figure I’ll watch that one and its predecessor sometime soon. Apparently James Wan and Leigh Whannell are good friends. I like the thought of two Australian buddies making a bunch of scary movies together. In addition to a few of the Saw movies and all of the Insidious movies, they also did Dead Silence together – another one I watched that didn’t impress me quite as much as these others.

Anyway, this one is scary, and it manages to be scary without being too violent or graphic – it’s got the PG-13 rating to prove it. If you like being scared, then I definitely recommend this movie, and if not, well, better stay away.