Saw (2004)★★★★★


As promised yesterday, here’s the first of the Summer See Saw Sundays. I like this movie. It basically started an interesting (at least at first) trend in movies, some better than others, and created a new niche in the horror genre.

I like the way this movie is paced, I like the way everything is revealed, and I find the story really intriguing. It gets a bit graphic and disturbing but that just makes it even scarier. And without spoiling too much I want to say that Tobin Bell’s voice is so perfect in this and so recognizable ever since seeing this for the first time. Also he has an awesome name.

But I’ve had a crappy week (again) and I didn’t get much sleep (again) so I’m going to have to cut this short (again). I’m sorry, I feel like you haven’t gotten the best of my work for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully I can turn that around soon. I’ve got some good movies lined up next, which should help.