Preservation (2014)★★★★☆


I like this movie a lot. It’s got a lot going for it. Like the music, for example. The music in this film is fantastic. It’s like, Philip Glass level of expertise. From the main title theme to the general background score, it’s fantastic.

It helps that the opening credits are beautifully done and (of course) understated. And then things just keep getting better. This movie was surprisingly good and definitely had an effect on me when I first saw it. Actually it had an effect on me when I saw it again tonight, too.

The cast is great. There’s believable chemistry between all three protagonists. The woman, Wrenn Schmidt, looks strikingly like Gretchen Mol – only I’ve never seen Gretchen Mol acting quite so bad ass as Wrenn Schmidt as Wit.

This movie has tension, it has heart, and it has a lot of terrifying action. It’s graphic at times and frequently unyieldingly so, so it’s not for the faint of heart. But it’s pretty good.

The one question it leaves me with though… are there a lot of vegans out there who go hunting?