Blair Witch (2016)★★★☆☆


Miss me yet? I bet you thought I forgot about you. It’s a new year, which means a whole new promise to myself. Did you know it’s really time consuming to watch (and write about) a movie every day for a year? I don’t think I’m going to do that again any time soon.

But maybe once a week or once a month. No promises yet, but I did watch something new! I only wish I had started this year off with a better film.

Okay okay, that’s not quite fair. This was reasonably entertaining and the acting was good. It just wasn’t quite as scary as I’d have liked. Not that much can compare to 2016, am I right?

This movie had a lot going for it. It did a great job capitalizing on what made the first one terrifying…but it didn’t go anywhere new with it. So there weren’t new scares or even new context revealed. It just felt like…a continuation of the original, but barely that.

I like Adam Wingard but I’ll admit I expected better of him. I’d say if you’ve never seen The Blair Witch Project, you could watch that or this film and get the gist. If you’re a fan of the original, this might be worth watching but won’t give you anything special. It’s kind of like a long trip down memory lane, without any of the original cast.

Oh well. To a new year!