Pulse (2006)

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Pulse (2006)

I love Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It’s one of my favorite comedy films and I’ve seen it a bunch of times. There’s a scene in it where they’re making fun of Kristen Bell’s eponymous character for a terrible horror movie she did about evil cell phones, and I have to imagine this is the movie the writers had in mind for that scene.

And they’re totally right to make fun of it. This movie is pretty ridiculous. But it’s not all bad, and it did keep me reasonably entertained throughout. It’s definitely not Wes Craven’s best filmĀ (not even close), and you can tell from the awkward dialogue that the screenplay was his work.

I could have done without the blue filter, also. The whole movie looks like it was shot through some Instagram filter, which is a bit annoying. The music was okay, and the cast was full of familiar faces I normally like…but I felt like everyone was overacting in this one.

And the pacing was way off. There was a lot of slow buildup for the first half of the movie, and then all of a sudden everything escalated and the world was ending. It didn’t really make any sense, and then the movie was over. I’m not sure that I’d really recommend this movie, but I wouldn’t tell you to run if it happened to be playing nearby, either.

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  • Release Date: 8/11/2006
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