Splinter (2008)★★★★☆


I liked this one quite a bit. From the beginning (and the “I ♥ bikinis” hat) you know it’s going to be interesting – I couldn’t decide whether or not I liked the effect of jumping between the opening scene and the opening credits, but it was interesting either way. Luckily it stays interesting throughout.

The background music is really well done (and fits with the interesting opening credits) and the story is well paced. The cast is made up of mostly unknown (to me anyway) actors who all deliver surprisingly great performances.

It’s definitely not perfect – for one thing, the dialogue isn’t great. My favorite line comes from Dennis (played by Shea Whigham who looks distractingly like Steve Zahn) early on in the film:

“One sure thing about luck is (dramatic pause) it always changes.”

I think I like it so much because it sounds like one of Jack Handey’s deep thoughts…which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to make a coherent film.

(Possible spoilers ahead) Also, much of the plot feels contrived or cliched. Who doesn’t make sure they know how to set up their camping equipment before heading out? How subtle were those “we sell fireworks” signs? And was it just me, or was their “let’s freeze Seth” plan questionable from the beginning?

Overall, though, I was surprised at how well put together it all felt. If you like creature features (and this “creature” is definitely a creeper) this is one you should check out.