We Are Still Here (2015)

Posted in Reviews by - October 14, 2016
We Are Still Here (2015)

I vaguely remember being excited for this one based on the trailer, but I was a bit disappointed by how it actually played out.

The music was okay. The special effects were okay. The house was abandoned and creepy. Somehow all these things didn’t quite add up to a great film.

I think there’s an interesting story here (or maybe two interesting stories) but it’s obscured by messy dialogue and uneven acting. Barbara Crampton did a great job as Anne, but the believability of the performances by the rest of the cast was all over the place .

The pacing was slow at the beginning and rushed at the end. The exposition scenes in the bar felt contrived and I couldn’t tell if it was the story or the dialogue.

The film definitely¬†had its creepy moments — and it had Larry Fessenden!! — but overall it just didn’t land for me and¬†I don’t have much else to say about it.

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  • Release Date: 6/05/2015
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