The Roommate (2011)★★★☆☆


This movie was okay. Well it was actually boring, but everyone in it is just so damn pretty that I had to give it at least three out of five. It barely deserves that – the story is that boring.

Weirdly though, it’s somehow watchable and the pacing is fine so it never drags on it just…doesn’t tell a story. It does have a pretty damn good soundtrack, though.

And a very pretty cast. Cam Gigandet as Stephen and Danneel Ackles as Irene were probably the prettiest, though don’t let that discount Billy Zane who even in 2011 was still a very pretty man. He’s a smarmy character in this for sure, but a pretty one. I’d never seen Minka Kelly in anything before but she was fine (and fine) as Sara.

And of course there’s Leighton Meester as Rebecca, a character who, despite being written for a horror movie, never comes close to being as scary as Meester’s more well-known character, Blair Waldorf. I think Rebecca’s terrible highlights (blonde doesn’t suit her) were the scariest thing about her.

And there’s nothing interesting in the story. None of the reveals are surprising or intriguing. (Spoilers ahead) Finding out that Rebecca is supposed to be on antipsychotic meds may have been a shock to Sara but doesn’t really tell the audience anything they don’t already know. The climactic scenes are action-packed but since there’s not much character development it’s hard to care enough to feel the built up tension.

This is probably best as background noise. If you pay too much attention to it, you might be disappointed.