Wolf Creek (2005)★★★★☆


I haven’t watched an Australian movie in a while but I have been talking to a lot of Australians recently so I felt it only fitting to watch this one tonight. To be clear though, no one I’ve been talking to is anything like anyone in this movie, except for the fact that they’re a person (and these characters are barely that).

In fact, this movie would be barely average if it weren’t for John Jarratt as Mick Taylor. Mick Taylor is one badass serial killer and those kids walked right into his trap and pay for it the rest of the movie. I can see how there’s already a sequel and apparently a TV series that started just yesterday? Mick Taylor is a great character – you may find yourself torn between not wanting to root for the murderer and wanting to hear more of his one-liners.

There’s nothing groundbreaking in this film as far as the storytelling goes. It’s an old and familiar story but it should keep you entertained. It gets a bit disturbing at times, though, so be warned.