The Ones Below (2016)★★★☆☆


Well, this was a movie. I don’t want the hour and a half of my life spent watching this back, but I also don’t feel like I gained anything during that time.

Essentially this movie set up an obvious, predictable situation…and then followed through with it. It’s apparently hailed as a “suspenseful” movie but for me the only suspense was when the movie was going to end.

Everyone in the cast was fine – to be perfectly honest I only picked this movie because I’ve liked Clémence Poésy since seeing her in Gossip Girl (I mean, I totally have never watched that entire series…three times). And she was beautiful and believable in this one.

Also, the music was nicely done. Paired with the understated title screen (so yes, it had that going for it) that was almost worth three out of five on its own.

Sadly this movie had nothing to add and nothing clever to do with a story that I’ve heard before – oddly more than once just this year. It’s watchable but nothing special.